The Personal Development Layer

Personal, Social and Health Education and Relationship and Sex Education

Our curriculum is designed for our community and wider society. We are driven to give the children of our school community the best start to their personal, academic and working life.

Our aim is to ensure that all our children are safe, responsible and respectful young people, preparing them for secondary school and beyond. We have carefully considered the local context and have coherently planned our curriculum and wider offer to teach them to become successful and responsible citizens of the future.

We want our pupils to communicate confidently in our ever-changing world. We focus on developing pupils’ moral, spiritual, social and cultural understanding so that they are well-prepared for life in modern Britain. We carefully plan the essential knowledge that pupils need to become educated citizens in an ever-changing world. We aim to introduce them to the best that has been thought and said and intend to stimulate an appreciation of human creativity and achievement.

Our PSHE and RSE curriculum helps pupils to understand how to keep themselves safe. Pupils can explore and debate issues which affect our local community and wider society. These include internet safety, CSE, radicalisation and knife crime. We want pupils to be aspirational and make good choices. We want them to understand what they need to do to reach and succeed in the careers to which they aspire.

Pupils know how to keep physically and mentally healthy, eat healthily and maintain an active lifestyle. We help our pupils to be active by providing many different opportunities during and after school.

Our academy provides an inclusive environment where all learners enjoy their education. We planned our curriculum and learning opportunities, so all pupils have access to a broad and balanced curriculum.

All pupils experience a rich Personal, Social, Health Education and Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural curriculum, including British values and Relationship and Sex Education. We teach these aspects of the curriculum through The Jigsaw Spiral Curriculum.

Please see click the link to see further information on our offer in these areas:

Jigsaw PSHE

The Jigsaw Programme supports teaching and learning in Personal, Social and Emotional Education.

The Thrive Approach

The Thrive Approach is supporting our children’s Wellbeing through developing strategies for managing our emotions. It equips children with the strategies to understand their own feelings and talk about them in a safe environment as well as understand the emotions of others.

Restorative Practice

We are developing a Restorative Practice approach to relationships in the academy.

How does restorative practice benefit our pupils?

Restorative practice ensures that every voice in school is heard. It encourages pupils to treat others with respect and to understand why relationships are so important.

Our restorative approach helps pupils:

  • understand how their actions can affect others
  • develop characteristics they can use in and out of school
  • understand themselves and each other better
  • learn why it’s important to see another persons point of view
  • see that it’s ok to make mistakes
  • learn how to move through conflict creatively

Further information can be found on our PSHE subject page here.

Academy Council

Children’s views are a key part of our school development and therefore we hold democratic elections to select representatives from each year to sit on the Academy Council. The members then met with Mrs Jina each week to discuss school issues, or things that the children would like to raise, representing their classes wishes and feelings.

This is a key part of British Values in action. Click here to read more about our Academy Council

Votes for Schools

Votes for Schools is a weekly current affairs-based voting platform designed to engage children & young people in political and social issues. Through weekly discussion and voting, not only are voters learning about the world around them, but they are also becoming active citizens and preparing to participate in our democratic processes.

Each week the whole comes together for an introductory assembly on that’s week vote topic. The class teacher then follows this initial session up with work in class. After children have had time to discuss the topic, they have the opportunity to vote. Their votes are recorded not only at school level but also at national level. Votes for Schools works alongside influential bodies such as UK Government departments, police, media, celebrities and charities who respond to the students showing them their voice is being heard. To read more about Oracy and Votes for Schools click here.


We have worked hard to develop a broad and varied programme of enrichment to provide children with unique experiences that aim to enhance the academic curriculum on offer. Please click the links below to see what our enrichment offer includes: